Birthday Party
Saturday, April 21st, 2007

It's another typical Birthday Party,
with cake, hotdogs and chips...
soft drinks and Birthday gifts. That's the Birthday Boy in the
trainman's hat with his younger brother by his side.
But what's this?
Train rides? This is not an ordinary Birthday Party!
(I operate the train in "push" mode so I can see the passengers.)
Wave to Grandpa. Oh there's a ton of grandkids here today.
These girls are twins, and cousins.
(Sometimes I ride backwards in "pull" mode.)
The children got to ride almost all afternoon.
(The cameraman is a twin. His twin was at a rocket launch.)
On his birthday he gets to learn how to be the engineer,
then he gets to do his first solo run.
You won't see a happier guy. Who can blame him!

Big sister also rides the locomotive (for better traction).
Sisters are good for some things, you know.
Now for the real test - Taking Mom and Dad for a ride!
What a great day this has been. -- Bill

Now go watch the video...