October 30th, 2005 Logging Operations

A friend came over to help me clean up the woods. He needed the firewood, and I needed to get rid of it. So while the three of us worked hard with the chainsaws (my wife had an electric chainsaw), my friend's 3 boys operated the log train. - The boys would pick up the cut logs and load them onto flatcars and haul the lumber off to the unloading site where a pickup truck waits. - Here's a loaded log train. The locomotive headed back to the barn to be recharged while we all had lunch. This is all hardwood. Maple, oak, American redbud, birch, and even some dogwood. - After unloading the logs, the train returns for more logs. You would think with this hauling capacity, the woodsmen would have trouble keeping up with the trainmen. Not the case. The boys were more focused on having fun than loading logs. But I guess that was the real purpose of the outing. Bill