Plowing The Line -- January 6, 2004

It's about 10 degrees out (I think) and the line must
be cleared to allow Santa's "Refund Express" to go through.

Rats. A stall. I'll have to back up and hit it again.

And again. These icy rails are no good for traction.

Finally, I make a little headway.

Wouldn't you know it? I left my gloves back at milepost zero.
Only thing to do is walk back and get them.

I've only made it to bridge #2, and I'm running out of daylight.

Here we go again. Back up and make a run for it. This is a
4 percent grade coming up.

Neatly, gently, the plow piles the snow on top of the existing
snow bank. Not such a bad day after all.