Dumped. March 15th, 2005

We actually had two major storms. One on Tuesday the 8th that left about
8 inches of snow in blizzard conditions with winds up to 51 MPH. See any
tracks here? Both the railroad and river are buried.

Then on Saturday the 12th we got another 6 inches
in a (thankfully) much less violent storm.

Compare this scene to other chapters of the site.

The Baskin Cutoff and yard switches are undescernable.

Here's the 3 track yard. You can still see the footprints left by the
town inspector before the second storm. Yes, I have a permit for the barn.

And the track along the river. Both are gone, as are the footbridge
and the silver creek span. You can still see the RR crossing sign.

The snow is the deepest here at the gravel pit. A good place to drift into.

The Timson Creek double-span bridge is the only visible evidence of a railroad.

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