Gravel Spur and Northern
October 6, 2006

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A new switch delivered by flatcar

This is the new switch that will begin the gravel spur. When completed,
I will no longer need to haul gravel by wheel barrow to the loading area.

A Complex Wye

It is a switch that starts out as a normal right hand switch, but 18 ties into it, it becomes a wye.
I am measuring to determine where to cut the existing track panels. The concrete "W" whistle post is a
gift from Bobby Timson of Fort Myers, Florida and a frequent operator at the Buckingham Central RR.

The new gravel spur

The new spur crosses the old gravel pit on it's way to the new gravel pile down by the road.
This is the northernmost point on the railroad.

Entering the Jungle

It enters an area overtaken by horsetails. This is an aggressive plant.
It will take over any area that is wet enough.

Crossing the Jungle

I'm not sure how tall the trestle will need to be to cross the Timson Gorge.
A guess would be 4 to 5 feet.

Destination: Gravel Pile

Once I get through all the weeds, the track will end up at the gravel pile.
Can you see it through the weeds?

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